Woven into the curriculum

NZ Curriculum aligned

Mitey is aligned to the Health and Physical Education section of the NZ Curriculum and aligns with the Mental Health Education Guidelines for schools, released by the government in September 2022.

Stepped progression of learning

Providing a stepped progression of learning outcomes for Years 1-8 together with supporting units of work, Mitey gives teachers the confidence to teach mental health education in a cohesive and sequential way.

It's not prescriptive

In an already crowded curriculum, Mitey is not an add on. Using an integrated approach, Mitey identifies multiple achievement objectives allowing teachers to seamlessly weave mental health education into what is already being taught in their classroom.

It's flexible

Mitey is flexible enough for teachers to adapt and tailor the learning in multiple ways to suit the needs of children. This allows schools to design a local curriculum which reflects the culture of the school and draws on needs and strengths.

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How it works

Mitey is for Years 1-8 and is an approach to embedding mental health education across the whole school.  It is not prescriptive. Mitey is designed to be flexible and wide enough in scope to suit each unique school setting. With the support of a Mitey coach, schools can easily integrate mental health education into everyday planning.

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